Series: The Book of Acts

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Speaker: Reverend Billy Rhoades

Pastor Billy Rhodes shares from the Book of Acts.He will look at the begging of the Church.Their walk throught the trials and challenges they faced.How God brought the increase by his Spirit and how the Spirit is moving today in our lives.

23 Nov 2014WedBilly Rhoades2 Timothy 1:6-7Miracles
14 Oct 2014WedBilly RhoadesThe Book Of Acts
1 Oct 2014WedBilly Rhoades1Kings 17:7The Book Of Acts
24 Sep 2014WedBilly Rhoades1kings 17The Book of Acts
17 Sep 2014WedBilly Rhoades1 Kings 17:7The Book Of Acts
3 Sep 2014WedBilly Rhoades1 Kings 17:7The Book Of Acts
27 Aug 2014WedBilly RhoadesActs 12:1-20The Book Of Acts
20 Aug 2014WedBilly Rhoades2 Samuel 5:3-5,17The BOok Of Acts
13 Aug 2014WedBilly RhoadesActs 2:2The Book Of Acts
6 Aug 2014WedBilly RhoadesActs 23:11The Book Of Acts
30 Jul 2014WedBilly RhoadesActs 27:21-26The Book Of Acts
23 Jul 2014WedBilly RhoadesActs 3:1-8The Book of Acts
16 Jul 2014WedBilly RhoadesActs 9:32-35The Book of Acts
9 Jul 2014WedBilly RhoadesActs 1:11The Book Of Acts
2 Jul 2014WedBilly Rhoades1Corinthians 12:9.God Riches At Christ Expense
14 May 2014WedBilly RhoadesThe Book of Acts
7 May 2014WedBilly RhoadesDIDN'T I
23 Apr 2014WedBilly RhoadesLuke 10The Book Of Acts
9 Apr 2014WedBilly RhoadesActs 27:14-29 The Book Of Acts
2 Apr 2014Sun PMBilly RhoadesActs 9The Book Of Acts
26 Mar 2014WedBilly RhoadesActs 2:2The Book Of Acts
21 Mar 2014WedBilly RhoadesActs 6The Book Of Acts
19 Mar 2014WedBilly RhoadesActs 8:8-24The Book Of Acts
12 Mar 2014WedBilly RhoadesActs 12The Book Of Acts
26 Feb 2014WedBilly RhoadesActs 3:1-10The Book Of Acts
19 Feb 2014WedBilly RhoadesActs 5:22-42The Book Of Acts
12 Feb 2014WedBilly RhoadesActs 3:1-10The Book Of Acts
5 Feb 2014WedBilly RhoadesActs 9:1-6The Book Of Acts
29 Jan 2014WedBilly RhoadesActs 5:17-18THE book OF acts
22 Jan 2014WedBilly RhoadesActs 5:14The Book OF Acts
15 Jan 2014WedBilly Rhoadesacts 5:12The Book of Acts
11 Dec 2013WedBilly RhoadesActs 4:32The Book Of Acts
4 Dec 2013WedBilly RhoadesActs 4:21The Book Of Acts
20 Nov 2013WedBilly RhoadesActs 3Things To Bring To Te Table
23 Oct 2013WedBilly RhoadesActs 2The Book Of Acts
16 Oct 2013WedBilly RhoadesActsThe Book Of Acts
9 Oct 2013WedBilly RhoadesActsThe Book Of Acts
2 Oct 2013WedBilly RhoadesActs 1Book Of Acts
18 Sep 2013WedBilly RhoadesActs 1:8The Book Of Acts
11 Sep 2013WedBilly RhoadesThe Book of Acts
4 Sep 2013WedBilly RhoadesActs 28:30-31The Book Of Acts


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