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2 Apr 2017Sun AMRuss HodginsActs 12:1-17The New Normal
26 Mar 2017Sun PMJoel LunettaSet The Standard
26 Mar 2017Sun AMRuss HodginsHebrews 11:1The Frequency Of Faith - Week 1
19 Mar 2017Sun AMRuss HodginsThe New Normal - Week 4
12 Mar 2017Sun PMJohn OgdenExodus 2The Place Of God
12 Mar 2017Sun AMRuss HodginsMatthew 28:18-20A New Normal: Week 3
5 Mar 2017Sun AMRuss HodginsActs 1:8A New Normal: Week 2
26 Feb 2017Sun PMFrank ReitzelWalking With God
26 Feb 2017Sun AMRuss HodginsA New Normal: Week 1
19 Feb 2017Sun AMRuss HodginsJoshua 5:13-15It's A New Season - Week 4
12 Feb 2017Sun PMRuss HodginsI Thessalonians 5:16-18A Winning Combination
12 Feb 2017Sun AMRuss HodginsJoshua 6:15-16It's A New Season - Week 3
5 Feb 2017Sun AMRuss HodginsJoshua 1:1-9It's A New Season - Week 2
29 Jan 2017Sun AMRuss HodginsJoshua 1:1-9It's A New Season - Week 1
22 Jan 2017Sun AMRuss HodginsExodus15:22-27Bitter To Sweet
8 Jan 2017Sun PMRuss HodginsMatthew 14:22-33Overcoming - Part 2
8 Jan 2017Sun AMRuss HodginsMatthew 14:22-33Overcoming
1 Jan 2017Sun AMRuss HodginsPhilippians 3:7-14Going Beyond The Boundaries
12 Apr 2015Sun PMBilly RhoadesNothing
23 Nov 2014Sun PMFrank ReitzelLuke 15:1Being Christ to a Hurting World
23 Nov 2014Sun AMFrank Reitzel2 SamuelPreventing Heart Drift
16 Nov 2014Sun PMBilly RhoadesJohn 15:9-17How Could I Tell A Christian?
9 Nov 2014Sun AMDavid BoudwinExcellence Matters
26 Oct 2014Sun AMDavid BoudwinMatthew 20:17Servanthood Matters
12 Oct 2014Sun PMBilly RhoadesJohn 2:1-10It Is Impossible To Exhaust The Redemptive Power Of Christ
28 Sep 2014Sun AMFrank ReitzelJoshua 1Successful New Beginings
14 Sep 2014Sun PMDavid Boudwingenisis 3:1-4Communication Matters
7 Sep 2014Sun PMBilly RhoadesJob 7:17-21Why Me Lord?
17 Aug 2014Sun AMDavid BoudwinPeople Matter
27 Jul 2014Sun PMJose VargasNahum 1:7Still Standing
20 Jul 2014Sun PMHelen Trowbridgeluke 5:37You HaveTo Be Flexible
20 Jul 2014Sun AMDavid BoudwinHebrews 6:9-20The Hope That Anchors Your Soul
13 Jul 2014Sun PMMatt BoudwinExodus 12:21Behind Clsed Doors
13 Jul 2014Sun AMDavid BoudwinRenewing our Vision
6 Jul 2014Sun PMBilly RhoadesActs 6Don'tWorry Nothing Is Going To turn Out Right
8 Jun 2014Sun PMCarl DiCioccioIsiah 33:6The Fear of The LOrd Is His Treasure
1 Jun 2014Sun PMRon AnastaseTRUTH
25 May 2014Sun AMDavid Boudwin2 Timothy 1-10Renewing Our Vision
18 May 2014Sun PMBilly RhoadesPhilipians 3:12-14Here I Go Again
18 May 2014Sun AMTheresa GreenhoughLuke 4:16God Is Moving
11 May 2014Sun AMSue ColeMothers Day
4 May 2014Sun AMFrank Reitzel1 Samuel 7:2-14Overcoming the Powerless Life
27 Apr 2014Sun PMEarl DewsonJohn 11:38Remove the Stone
27 Apr 2014Sun AMBilly RhoadesTHe Attractive Side of Sin
20 Apr 2014Sun AMBilly RhoadesMatthew 26:39Easter Sunday Service
13 Apr 2014Sun AMDavid Boudwinluke 19:21 Whats Up With Your Donkey
6 Apr 2014Sun PMDavid BoudwinMatthew 5Be Happy
6 Apr 2014Sun AMCarl DiCioccioJohn 11:32-44A Hopeless Case
2 Apr 2014Sun PMBilly RhoadesActs 9The Book Of Acts
30 Mar 2014Sun PMBilly Rhoades1 Samuel 1Communion
23 Mar 2014Sun PMHelen TrowbridgeThe King Still Has ONe More Move
23 Mar 2014Sun AMHelen TrowbridgeGenesis 3:1-13Who's to Blame
16 Mar 2014Sun AMDavid Boudwinluke 12:13-21Success or Significance
9 Mar 2014Sun PMBob FisherActs 3Be A Vessell
9 Mar 2014Sun AMBob FisherMathew 3:1-17Time To Move To Another Dimension
2 Mar 2014Sun PMHelen Trowbridge 1 Samuel 1:1-20It Is Time To Be Free
2 Mar 2014Sun AMBilly Rhoades1 Cor. 3:16The Church
23 Feb 2014Sun AMCarl DiCioccioProverbs 30:24-28Great Wisdom in Small Things
9 Feb 2014Sun PMDavid BoudwinMark 4:35-41Sometimes...Things Have to Get Worse Before They Can Get Better Part 2
9 Feb 2014Sun AMDavid BoudwinExodus 6:4Sometimes...Things Have to Get Worse Before They Can Get Better
2 Feb 2014Sun PMCarl DiCioccioMatthew 12:34-35The Worlds Most Dangerous Wepon
2 Feb 2014Sun AMBilly RhoadesPsalm 121Help Is On The Way-If He Did It Before He Can Do It Again
26 Jan 2014Sun PMDavid Boudwin1 Cor. 11:23-25The 4 R's of Communion
19 Jan 2014Sun PMBilly RhoadesLuke 7:11-15Mystery At The Grave Yard
19 Jan 2014Sun AMDavid BoudwinGenisis 12:1-7The Even If's of Gods Guidance
12 Jan 2014Sun PMCarl DiCioccioLuke 4:18-19THe Spirit Of The Lord is Apon You.
29 Dec 2013Sun PMJose VargasIsaiah 46:9-12Behind the Scenens
29 Dec 2013Sun AMCarl DiCioccioIsaiah 43:18-19Good News For 2014
15 Dec 2013Sun AMDavid BoudwinThe Hopes And Fears
8 Dec 2013Sun AMCarl DiCioccioMark 11The King Is Coming
1 Dec 2013Sun PMBilly Rhoades2 chronicles 20Leading With Praise
1 Dec 2013Sun AMCarl DiCioccioEphesians 5:21-33Wives and Husbands
24 Nov 2013Sun PMDavid BoudwinJohn 6:24-58Things To Bring To Te Table
17 Nov 2013Sun PMBilly Rhoades1 Samuel 17:1-58Killing Giants for Dummies
17 Nov 2013Sun AMDavid BoudwinGenesis 37:3-24The Purpose in the Pit.
3 Nov 2013Sun PMFrank ReitzelMark 12:28-31What is the Greatest Thing You Could Ever Do?
3 Nov 2013Sun AMCarl DiCioccioRomans1:21Are You Thankful?
27 Oct 2013Sun PMJeff Bell2 kings chapter 2:1-14Going the Distance
13 Oct 2013Sun AMCarl DiCioccioRomans 13:11Faith Under Fire
6 Oct 2013Sun AMBilly RhoadesEzekiel 3The Perils Of Being A Watchman
15 Sep 2013Sun AMDavid BoudwinGrace Under Fire
8 Sep 2013Sun AMCarl DiCioccioJeremiah 20:6-13I've Got A Testimony
26 Aug 2013Sun AMCarl DiCioccioActs26:19I Never Thought it Would Happen To Me
25 Aug 2013Sun AMBilly RhoadesI Have Decided To Follow Jesus
4 Aug 2013Sun AMBilly RhoadesHold ON
28 Jul 2013Sun AMCarl DiCioccioLuke 16 :19-31Hell.Reality or Metaphor
14 Jul 2013Sun AMDavid Boudwin2 Sam 9:1-13Under His Grace
7 Jul 2013Sun PMJeff BellPersuing The Presence
7 Jul 2013Sun AMJeff BellThat Changes Everything
9 Jun 2013Sun PMCarl DiCioccio1 Cor. 2:9-16The Holy Spirit C.I.A.
9 Jun 2013Sun AMBilly RhoadesShipwrecks
26 May 2013Sun PMBilly RhoadesRomans 13:8Things We Battle With In Our Minds
26 May 2013Sun AMCarl DiCioccioDealing With Depression as a Christian
20 May 2013Sun AMDavid BoudwinDon't Leave Home Without It
12 May 2013Sun PMJose VargasMark 4:35-41When God Says Nothing
12 May 2013Sun AMPat MillerEph 3:14 - 21Mighty Moms
5 May 2013Sun PMTheresa GreenhoughA Message Of Encouragement
5 May 2013Sun AMCarl DiCioccioHebrews 11Faith Knows All
28 Apr 2013Sun AMBilly RhoadesJohn 11:39Take Away The Stone
21 Apr 2013Sun PMRandy HurstSharing Jesus
21 Apr 2013Sun AMRandy HurstFaith
14 Apr 2013Sun PMDavid Paul BoudwinRemember Your King
7 Apr 2013Sun AMCarl DiCioccioHow To Be Prepared For The End Times
31 Mar 2013Sun AMDavid BoudwinJohn 20:1-13Check The Rock
17 Mar 2013Sun AMCarl DiCioccioGetting To Know The Holy Spirit
10 Mar 2013Sun AMDavid Boudwin A New And Higher Calling
3 Mar 2013Sun AMBilly RhoadesYelling Fire In A Crowded Room
17 Feb 2013Sun AMCarl DiCioccioThere Is Power In The Blood Of Jesus
10 Feb 2013Sun AMDavid BoudwinDiscouragment
3 Feb 2013Sun AMBilly Rhoades1 Kings 18:43Nothing
27 Jan 2013Sun AMCarl DiCioccioWhere Are We In Gods Prophetic Timetable
13 Jan 2013Sun AMCarl DiCioccioDon't Waste This Year
6 Jan 2013Sun PMDavid Paul BoudwinIt Starts in the Wilderness
30 Dec 2012Sun AMBilly RhoadesGenesis 26:18It's Time to Dig
23 Dec 2012Sun AMDavid BoudwinChristmas Mythbusters
2 Dec 2012Sun AMDavid BoudwinFaithfulness
25 Nov 2012Sun PMBilly RhoadesHigh Hopes
11 Nov 2012Sun AMBilly RhoadesJeremiah 37:17Is There Any Word From The Lord Today?
4 Nov 2012Sun PMJose VargasMatthew 9:1-8God Wants To Exceed Your Expectations
4 Nov 2012Sun AMDavid BoudwinA Storm Is Coming
28 Oct 2012Sun PMMatt BoudwinKeep Calm and Carry On
28 Oct 2012Sun AMCarl DiCioccioOvercoming Worry
21 Oct 2012Sun PMBilly RhoadesThe Barrel Is Not As Empty As You Think
14 Oct 2012Sun PMDavid BoudwinWhat's Up With Your Story?
14 Oct 2012Sun AMCarl DiCioccio2 Cor 7:1Conquering Unspoken Frustrations
7 Oct 2012Sun PMBilly Rhoades2 Tim 4:6-8Hold On
7 Oct 2012Sun AMJose Vargas2 Sam 18:6-19 Dont Get Tangled
30 Sep 2012Sun PMMatt Boudwin3 Dudes... 1 Problem
23 Sep 2012Sun AMBilly Rhoades When The Trumpet Sounds
16 Sep 2012Sun AMCarl DiCioccioGenesis 29:31-35Commitment
9 Sep 2012Sun AMDavid BoudwinGuard Your Heart
2 Sep 2012Sun PMJose VargasLuke 4You Are Going To Come Out Of It
2 Sep 2012Sun AMCarl DiCioccioLuke 17:1-6The Power of Forgiveness
12 Aug 2012Sun PMHelen TrowbridgeIsaiah 40:25What Is Your Revelation Of Who God Is
12 Aug 2012Sun AMCarl DiCioccioJohn 15:1-8Sustained Provision
5 Aug 2012Sun PMBilly RhoadesLuke 7:22The Healer
5 Aug 2012Sun AMDavid BoudwinThe Hard Work of Living for Your Dreams
22 Jul 2012Sun PMCarl DiCioccioJohn 11:18-23Over The Edge Faith
22 Jul 2012Sun AMBilly RhoadesRomans 6:11-20This is your wake up call
15 Jul 2012Sun AMDavid BoudwinWe Are Ambassadors
8 Jul 2012Sun PMJose VargasLuke 5:12-15Believe Me For A Change
1 Jul 2012Sun PMRon AnastaseHope
1 Jul 2012Sun AMBilly RhoadesJob 7:17-21Why Me God
17 Jun 2012Sun PMBilly RhoadesCome Before Winter
17 Jun 2012Sun AMDavid BoudwinIs There A Father In The House
10 Jun 2012Sun AMCarl DiCioccioExodus 5:1-4Free to Worship
3 Jun 2012Sun PMBilly RhoadesBeauty and the Beast
3 Jun 2012Sun AMDavid BoudwinSaved But Miserable
20 May 2012Sun AMCarl DiCioccioEncouraging Yourself
13 May 2012Sun PMJose VargasLuke 5:1-3Would You
6 May 2012Sun AMDavid BoudwinSuckers In The Church
29 Apr 2012Sun PMBilly RhoadesDoes Jesus Care
29 Apr 2012Sun AMCarl DiCioccioWhat's in Your House
22 Apr 2012Sun AMBilly RhoadesTears in a Bottle
8 Apr 2012Sun AMDavid BoudwinWhy are you looking for the living among the dead
1 Apr 2012Sun AMDavid BoudwinWhen the Cheering Stops
25 Mar 2012Sun AMBilly RhoadesCan I Borrow Some Oil
18 Mar 2012Sun PMBilly RhoadesHow To Handle A Really Bad Day
18 Mar 2012Sun AMCarl DiCioccioMatthew 16:17-25A Meeting At The Cross
4 Mar 2012Sun AMBilly RhoadesLuke 15:25-32The Case Of The Older Brother
19 Feb 2012Sun AMDavid BoudwinThe Sacrifice of Love Part II
12 Feb 2012Sun AMDavid BoudwinThe Sacrifice of Love Part I
5 Feb 2012Sun AMCarl DiCioccioThe Difference Between Faith And Presumption
29 Jan 2012Sun AMBilly RhoadesGalatians 6:9-10Use It Or Loose It
15 Jan 2012Sun AMDavid BoudwinDestiny
8 Jan 2012Sun PMCarl DiCioccioA Mind To Change
8 Jan 2012Sun AMBilly Rhoades When Hezekiah Prayed
11 Dec 2011Sun AMBilly RhoadesDon't Forget The Cost
4 Dec 2011Sun AMDavid BoudwinA Different Spirit Part II
27 Nov 2011Sun PMCarl DiCioccioCarl Di Cioccio
20 Nov 2011Sun AMCarl DiCioccioHow to stably walk with God
13 Nov 2011Sun PMRon AnastaseI Am Made Strong
13 Nov 2011Sun AMDavid BoudwinA Different Spirit Part I
6 Nov 2011Sun PMJose VargasCrossing Over
6 Nov 2011Sun AMCarl DiCioccioFace to Face with the Enemy
16 Oct 2011Sun AMDavid BoudwinLessons From Job
9 Oct 2011Sun PMRob MillerBeing In Christ
9 Oct 2011Sun AMCarl DiCioccioGod of my hard places
25 Sep 2011Sun AMBilly RhoadesWhat are you doing here
11 Sep 2011Sun AMDavid BoudwinWhere was God on 9-11
14 Aug 2011Sun AMBilly RhoadesBilly Rhoades
7 Aug 2011Sun AMBilly RhoadesBullies
24 Jul 2011Sun AMDavid BoudwinWhat do you see
17 Jul 2011Sun AMBilly RhoadesWho are you asking
3 Jul 2011Sun AMBilly RhoadesCrossroads


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